Villa Caoba - Sponsorship

The sponsorship system of the Foundation creates a link between a girl or boy from the disadvantaged neighborhood of Villa Caoba and a person from the "First World" with the will to collaborate.

In this link, both parties benefit. The girl or boy benefits from the new resources that can be accessed thanks to the sponsor and at the same time the emotional part, from knowing that she has a sponsor or godfather who has a special affection for her.

The godfather or godfather comes out benefited at the same time that when performing an act of detachment in favor of another human being always causes an immediate improvement of the state of mind and represents a relief for the soul. The sponsor, at the same time, also benefits from that emotional part, knowing that there is a little person who has a special affection for him.

What contributes to the Girl or Boy a Sponsorship?

The current sponsorship benefits the girl or boy in 4 aspects:

  • Schooling: The official schooling of this child is ensured in a quality education center (see section "What Does It Mean to School?" For more details).
  • Complete meals: Currently these girls and boys have a really bad diet, they do not eat in a balanced way and they do it in a small amount. Sponsorship ensures a minimum of full meals a week.
  • School Review: Weekends are given refresher and literacy classes.
  • Leisure activities: Also during the weekend an extra "handicrafts" type of play activity is carried out.

Can I visit the girl or boy?

Yes, you can visit the girl or boy, be with her or him, go for a walk, buy an ice cream ... in short, yes, you can strengthen that bond between the sponsor and the girl or boy. It should be noted that all travel and subsistence expenses are borne by the sponsor, since all income of the Foundation is intended to improve the situation of the children and not the subsidy of expenses of the Sponsor.

In order to sponsor a girl or boy, you must contact one of the people in the Contact section.

What does Scholarize mean?

In the neighborhood of Villa Caoba there are many girls and boys who do not go to school. These girls and boys spend the day playing, helping at home or on the street. Although primary school in the Dominican Republic is free, and there is a public school in the neighborhood, there are minimum requirements to go to school. These requirements are to have a minimum of supplies (need to buy the basic school uniform to attend, pencils, writing books, rubber, pencil sharpener, rule ...), textbooks, a backpack to carry them, lunch box, etc.

The school uniform in this country is considered very important, both by the school institution (which does not let go to school without him), and for the population, that the fact of wearing them fills them with pride (it shows that that person goes to school in "comparison" with others who do not go).

This reality of the school uniform can be criticized in more or less measure, but it is still a reality that exists and, without that uniform and without those school supplies, the girl or boy can not go to school.

All this means that the fact that a girl or boy goes to school for a year depends on only a few pesos, which in many cases can not be paid.

How can I School?

To be able to send a girl or boy to school, you must contact one of the people in the Contact section.
Sponsorship and Schooling Prices
You can "sponsor" or "school" a girl or boy (sponsorship includes schooling). Here are the possible amounts and options:

  • Schooling a Girl or Boy - Monthly: Annual: 96€/96$US
  • Sponsorship of a girl or boy (includes schooling) - Monthly:  27€/27$US - Annual: 325€ /325$US
   change: 1 euro=1,23 dolars

Important note: The payment of the schooling is of annual type and a single payment is made at the beginning of the school year. In order to sponsor or school a girl or boy, you must contact one of the people in the Contact section.

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